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Maintaining a sound level of confidence, is a skill that will support and benefit your kid on a daily basis.
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Make sure your child is not held back by being overly shy in new or even familiar situations. Here's how to overcome shyness.
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Being focused on the task ahead greatly improves the chance of being successful. Now improve that level of concentration!
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Is your child reluctant to go to bed, or sleep on their own? Time to turn your child into a confident and happy sleeper.
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Let your child discover how to overcome their fear of the dark and have a good night's sleep without worries.
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Develop a natural instinct for making new friends by being confident and assertive in your approach.
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Tackle any worries you have related to exams, reduce your nerves and be successful.
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Dealing with your anxious thoughts in a positive manner improves your negative thinking pattern.
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Visualisation – A Powerful Tool to Support Your Child

Are you thinking about using a holistic approach with your child? We believe using a natural method is a great way to support your child which is why introduced our powerful and effective range of Whizzy Vidz, a series of positive and calming visualisation videos.

Young people can reap great benefits from visualisation techniques to help tackle a vast number of areas, children have great imaginations and are very accepting of new ideas and experiences. We are confident your child will welcome the experience of positive visualisation exercises to bring an increased sense of self-esteem while also reducing any potential stress they may be experiencing.

Our visualisation videos are based on a blend of concepts, all proven to promote a positive change in your child’s mental attitude allowing your child to successfully reach their full potential. Our videos, and supporting material, are easy to comprehend, with suggestions that are short and quick to use. All of this can easily be done from the comfort of your home, which means your child will engage positively with the content and, in this way, achieve results.

Visualisation and positive affirmations for children

Increasing Confidence Through Guided Visualisation

Today, a large proportion of children have insecurities, possibly from the pressures they are experiencing on a daily basis. Many parents report to us that they feel society has changed, with a greater demand for children to perform to a higher standard resulting in too much homework, too many tests and no freedom or leisure time for their children.

It is also evident that with the increased usage of online social environments, a lot of parents worry their children appear less confident in ‘real’ social situations and unable to establish positive peer relationships. This observation makes parents concerned about their children’s future in the job market and indeed whether they are having a happy and active childhood.

What is important to understand is that children often find it difficult to put words to their emotions or even explain why they behave the way they do. Frequently, children simply know they are feeling something ‘unpleasant’ which makes that particular sensation disturbing and this in itself causes the child to experience confusion.

Harness Your Child’s Vivid Imagination To Help Them

If a child is subjected to a long and draining analytical intervention from parents or a professional, your child will often be left confused since concepts are too abstract and emotional which result in your child feeling intimidated and powerless. This is the reason why our natural approach, using guided visualisation techniques, appeals to young people as they are accustomed to utilising their vivid imagination. Instead of feeling powerless, your child will feel supported, secure and willing to open up to new ideas. Your child will focus on what they want to happen instead of what they don’t want to happen and, in turn, this will bring about the desired behaviour or feeling.

Most importantly, our visualisation exercises are matched to the mind of a young person, who typically presents with a shorter attention span and who thrives on experiencing success rather than being faced with failure. We aim to ensure your child is never put in a position where they might feel they could fail. It is very much about your child achieving results in order for your child to build self-confidence and give them a sense of empowerment by gaining control over their own life.

Choosing a holistic approach to support your child is valuable as it involves no use of medicine but is a calming and gratifying experience that greatly boosts your child’s self-reliance as well as encouraging a better flow of communication academically and socially.

‘Our Whizzy Vidz are vivid and engaging to the young mind. It is such a privilege to support children and teenagers in achieving personal goals, allowing them to lead happy and positive lives’.

Tina Elven | Mind Coach | Founder of Support 4 Kids

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