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Are you interested in doing an interview with us? We would love to speak to you, or your child. Check out what is involved in an interview, by looking at the steps here.

A powerful way of describing what it is like raising a child with a special need or disability. We have animated Emily Perl Kingsley’s ‘Welcome to Holland’, and hope you will be inspired by our version of her poem. It is a great reminder to parents that you are not alone on this new and amazing life journey.

Get a cool t-shirt from our merchandise shop, and be part of our non-profit special needs awareness campaign. All profits are donated to charity to support families who are dealing with special needs on a daily basis.

Harrison likes travelling and learning languages. Harrison also talks about meeting Lewis Hamilton which was a dream of his to achieve. Discover what else Harrison has been up to and how he deals with daily life.

Jenny, our guest contributor, shares her story about her son who has always had trouble sleeping. They went to a Sleep Clinic and now have some answers. Read the full guest blog – Our Personal Sleep Discovery.

​Read the complete interview in our blog post here.  A caring dad tells us about the support they get for their daughter who has special needs. He covers his worries about the lack of help which would ensure his daughter would be able to live an independent adult life.

Jo has two older children with additional needs and here she chats about how to balance life while making sure her girls’ dreams are fulfilled. Jo is positive about the future but realises that more help is needed when she is no longer able to support her girls in daily life. ​

Amy has learning difficulties, in this interview, Amy shares her thoughts on job hunting while also reflecting on other personal life events. Amy is one young lady with a positive vibe and a lot of passion for others.

At the age of 17 years, Robin discovered she had been born with a chromosome deletion, 22q11DS. Robin was determined to not let this hold her back, and received her BA degree. Here, she shares her tips for other young people.

Our Special Needs Team

Tina, our founder, shares her personal reasons for starting our non-profit special needs campaign.

Jenny is a parent herself of a child with additional needs. She now shares her knowledge and tips with other parents.

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