Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to help yourself in everyday life to reduce your stress. It could be something as simple as making lists to become more organised, taking time out for yourself to reduce stress levels, counting to 10 when getting angry, socialising when feeling lonely or when you have a desperate need to vent, and so forth.

But I also know how easy it is to become ‘stuck’ in a negative routine, and how difficult it can feel to address those unknown challenges. Those unfamiliar situations can feel like they ‘attack’ you daily in particular as your child continues to grow and experience their own stress and worries.

Are you ready and prepared to make a choice that will change your life? Remember, change can be a good thing but initially you may view it as a daunting process. After all, it is easy to live with routines which are familiar to you, even if they are stressful and unpleasant. But to have a different outcome, the outcome you are aspiring to achieve, you must recognise the importance of making a choice to facilitate a positive change in both your own life but also in your child’s life.

If you are willing to set some realistic goals for yourself and want to discover how to handle the emotional side of parenting, come onboard. Did I hear a big yes? Great, it’s time to take that step, I am here to support you!

It is a fact of life, and this happens to all parents, that it often seems as if it is nearly impossible to get your child to listen. The good news is that I will coach you through such barriers….and many more! By taking part in one of Boost Young Minds solutions, you will discover how to open up the communication channels by asking the right questions.

Remember, if a young person feels like they have been forced into taking part, and they are not a willing participant, they will rebel and refuse to listen to any advice you may be offering. Again, I will teach you techniques on how to turn your child around by having a co-operative attitude and a willingness to develop their own coping mechanisms.

The shortest reply to this would be YES.

I believe it is crucial for any parent to discover the powerful skill of asking their child the right questions. Equally, I encourage parents to inspire their children to use positive self-help tools on a daily basis as this is the number one way of ensuring they develop healthy thinking patterns and self-esteem.

Self-help is an area that should never be neglected, and therefore, it forms a large part of my Boost Young Minds solutions. In the course layout and exercises, I give equal attention to you as a parent as you need to fend for yourself first. This will naturally lead onto a state where you are able to focus your energy on supporting your child emotionally. Together, as a family, you can practise and learn how to use the recommended tools.

You need no advanced computer skills for this type of online approach, you simply need access to a computer, tablet or, if preferred, a phone. Our solutions contain easy to follow activities, exercises and work sheets which are accompanied by explanatory audios or videos.  

In short, our solutions are delivered via an online platform which allows you to access the material any time of the day. Once you have signed up for one of our solutions, you will be provided with your private login details. This will give you access to our Member’s Platform, where you are guided through the course, step by step.

Your course consists of a structured layout with a range of modules and sessions. The course provides you with a safe place where you can discover all the required tools. You may even wish to invite your child to view some of the content and you can work on material together. Sometimes, this helps your child deal with a particular situation that they may be facing. By equipping everyone in your family, not only is the outcome strengthened, but you are able to develop a stronger bond.

As the course is delivered online, access is available from anywhere in the world, and you are encouraged to go back and remind yourself of a particular tool if needed. You have access to your online course for the stipulated time. However, most of the material is downloadable should you wish to keep some of the activities for longer or work without an internet connection.

These are my recommendations to take part in most of my solutions. You will need:

  • initially you will need internet to access your online solution. Please note that videos, audios, PDFs and more may be downloaded for remote access.
  • access to a computer, tablet or other mobile device, these are needed to enter your membership platform. 
  • access to a printer, only if you wish to print and complete the worksheets by hand. You will be shown how to complete worksheets in PDF mode if this is your preferred method.
  • you may benefit from a pair of headphones though this is not compulsory.
  • there may a few extra purchases related to the activities such as obtaining colouring pens and similar related commodities. I do not list specific items publicly as these requirements may change from time to time. You will always be advised inside your private membership platform of any suggestions for supporting material. I always aim to keep such suggestions at a low value, and many activities can be undertaken using household items or similar.

My solutions are aimed at providing parents with tools and techniques they can harness to coach their child through emotional challenges. While some of the techniques contained in my courses can be applied to children of all ages, others will require a level of development to be most effective. My courses, therefore, are most appropriate for coaching children in the 10 to 19 age group.

The length of a course depends on which solution you pick. As an example, Whizzy Minds consists of 5 modules with each of those containing a diverse number of sessions within each module. A session (sometimes referred to as a lesson) within a course can vary from 5 minutes to about 20 minutes depending on the topic covered.

All sessions are broken down into achievable activities and exercises, and you are taken through each activity by following an easy to follow sequence. I recommend that each activity is carried out, without skipping ahead.

The benefit of an online course is that you can re-visit any of the activities again and again, ensuring the material is fully absorbed before moving onto the next exercise in the course. I propose staying at least one week on each module though naturally the content may do not take a week to complete. This recommendation is for the purpose of repetition and the need to practise the recommended tools.

Some parts of my solutions have been developed for parents, however, the suggested tools and exercises have been put together to be used by both your child and yourself. Only you can determine which of the suggested tools are the most suitable approach for your child. From my experience, children generally benefit from a familiar online setting as they are very comfortable with modern technology.

In addition, a vast majority of children are very pragmatic, they simply want to know how to get rid of a worry, and they like to be shown the tools that will help them do just that. Often, children find accessing online content and suggestions provided by their parent less confrontational than speaking directly to a professional. It is clear that most children will feel calmer as they are supported directly by you, and there is no risk of them bumping into their therapist on the street, or sitting in a waiting room full of other kids.

My Boost Young Minds solutions are first and foremost a tool for parents. It is about equipping you to feel confident to handle your child’s emotional worries, and finding a way to help your child move forward and away from a negative emotional response. My concept applies to all children whether they are faced with a particular learning delay or not. As a parent of a child with additional needs, I believe you are the best qualified person to fully comprehend how to present solutions to your child.

From your personal experience, you understand how to adapt your interaction according to your child’s level of comprehension. You know to be considerate and patient when your child communicates. I am confident that you understand the power of using visual clues to ensure your message is fully explained. You also get the importance of seeking confirmation that your suggestions have been understood and tried by your child.

For now, the supplied tools and exercises to be used directly by children have not been adapted for special needs. However, I am planning to add specific masterclasses in the future and would welcome your input, please get in touch should you wish to work with me on this particular topic. The approach will very much be in line with our non-profit campaign by encouraging positive inclusion and support.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure you have explored all options to understand whether there is an underlying medical condition for your child’s level of emotional distress. My solutions are based on natural approaches and will involve no use of medical intervention or medication. Making the decision to commence one of my solutions is your sole decision. The modules in the Boost Young Minds solutions are aimed to provide parents with the tools they need to effectively coach their child through the emotional challenges that present themselves during the child’s development. They will provide you both with sufficient self-help skills to facilitate you and your child in identifying and overcoming any negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Online self-help solutions are unlikely to provide sufficient support for any child who has been officially diagnosed with a serious psychiatric illness, or those with complicated problems, which require close and direct treatment. If in doubt, please consult with your child’s doctor before going ahead.

When signing up for one of my solutions, I require some personal information in order to set you up with login details to the specific course. Any such data and personal details are kept confidential and secure, and will never be shared with third parties. Please read my Privacy Policy for full details.

Some steps you can take yourself
When using any online programme, it is equally important you take some steps to keep your own details private. I suggest you consider these tips when using an online course:

  • Keep links and login details private, never share with friends or family.
  • Avoid accessing your online course in public places, and never on a shared computer.
  • Make sure you log out, and close down your browser when you have finished an online session.
  • Avoid opening correspondence from in public areas where someone can read over your shoulder.