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Psychology Fair - A couple of weeks ago I took part in a psychology fair at Bucks New University where I got the chance to interact with some brilliant students.

This was an event organised by the university for students who are exploring their volunteering opportunities within local businesses and organisations.

During the day, I spoke to a large number of students, and it was great to discover how keen they were to learn about Support 4 Kids Ltd. We talked about that fact that Support 4 Kids is a small organisation but how it has also been possible to access the global market with services available online for children and families. The fact that Support 4 Kids is able to deliver self-help solutions to parents and young people through online platforms generated significant interest with the students.

Personally, I had two reasons for taking part in the fair. One was to identify students who are keen to develop their skills and gain life experience through working on projects that are very ‘now’ and relevant to young clients. The second reason is that I strongly believe in mentoring and giving our next generation of workers the opportunity to gain experience through real work as they are brought into contact with businesses and organisations.

With the students’ level of enthusiasm for Support 4 Kids’ services and approach, the interest was very high and I’m pleased to say that I have been in contact with several prospective volunteers since the event. The appointed students will get ample opportunity to take an active part in activities related to PR, marketing, social media, media production and other similar project based activities.

While they are volunteering for Support 4 Kids Ltd, I will ensure they receive a high level of mentoring allowing them to feel supported and encouraged to try new avenues. I am very excited about this new step in my organisation and I am looking forward to reporting back to you about how it progresses over time, I may even decide to introduce new members of the team (if they are so inclined).

If you know of any young person who is keen to develop their knowledge and want to be part of our team, please get in touch to discover more about the available opportunities. Send me an email and I will respond asap. ​

By Tina Elven

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