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What happens if I can’t get out of a trance?

Not being able to get out of a hypnotic trance, this is a question that many people seem to worry about but really there is no need for concern. Read on to put your worries to rest.
The vast majority of people will come out of a trance when asked to, however, it is not harmful if you take a little longer to ‘wake up’. At the end of a hypnotherapy session, or while listening to a recording, the hypnotherapist will use wake up phrases like ‘it is now time to become aware of the room you are in, you will feel a need to move your fingers and toes’ or the therapist may decide to count you back into the room i.e. counting backwards from 10 to 0 while giving you instructions to move and become more and more aware as you are getting closer to zero. The hypnotherapist would also increase the volume of their voice. These methods will typically guide you back to full awareness.

If you don’t wake up

On a rare occasion, a few people may be reluctant to come out of a trance as they are enjoying the calm sensation of peace and quiet but there are always various ways to guide them back to a conscious presence. Just remember, it does not cause you any harm, you are simply taking a bit of extra time out for yourself. If you are attending a live hypnotherapy session, and you are reluctant to wake up your therapist would talk to you again, saying something like ‘I can see that you are really enjoying this calm place that you have found but it is now time to wake up, they would then give you a few moments to re-orient yourself and for you to start coming back to the room’.

They may also use an even louder voice and with a much stronger emphasis on the ‘time to wake up’. While giving you those moments, they would check whether you are starting to move any limbs or whether there are other signs of you making the decision to wake up like change of breathing, facial movements and so forth. Then they would continue using this type of request, while also encouraging you to move limbs like raising an arm, this is repeated until they get a reaction from you. The repeated interruptions into your calm environment will typically get a response and you will start to move in your seat.

Once you are out of the trance, your therapist will ensure that you are fully awake by asking some questions. If you are attending a live session, your therapist will check that you are fully conscious and aware of your surroundings. This is particularly important if you are about to undertake activities like driving your car.

Listening to hypnosis at home

If you are listening to a hypnosis recording in your home or elsewhere, similar ‘waking up’ strategies will be applied on the recording. If you fail to come out of your trance, this will not cause you any harm, it will simply provide you with some much needed rest, and you will casually wake up when you are good and ready. If you have an appointment to make after listening to your hypnosis recording, you may elect to set an alarm clock for ten minutes after your recording has finished playing.Being in a trance is a natural state of relaxation and you will come around eventually, even if you happened to fall asleep during the hypnosis. But remember being in a trance is not the same as being fast asleep, hence it is more likely that you will come out of your trance when prompted.

Embrace the powerful benefits of hypnotherapy, it is fundamental in helping you achieve a life with less stress and worries. 

By Tina Elven

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2 Replies to “What happens if I can’t get out of a trance?”

  1. The idea of getting “lost” in a trance is really scary to me. That’s why I don’t know if I would ever be willing to go into one. I find them fascinating though.

  2. Admittedly, not being able to get out of a trance and losing control is something that I am a bit worried about, and a reason why I’m reluctant to try hypnotherapy. It’s a relief to hear that I’m not the only one and that there is something that I can do about it. Thanks.

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