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The ‘Never Do This’ Discipline Guide

Bringing up children has its own challenges, and disciplining your child is definitely one of those! To help you along the way, here's my hints on what to avoid when you need to discipline your kid - the right way!
By Tina Elven

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2 Replies to “The ‘Never Do This’ Discipline Guide”

  1. A great and simple list of rules, which I hope most parents will follow. I definitely agree with point #5 – it goes for not just children, but pets as well. I hope most parents already know that hitting will damage their child, though sadly I know this still happens.

  2. I love the clear path of this sheet, it makes common sense but it is so easy to forget those hints when you are cross with your child. It is tough being a parent, but nowadays it is easier to get help and advice.

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