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Social Media – What type are you? 

Surely it is now a fact, that most of us use social media on a daily basis, or indeed up to several times a day.

Whether it is to check on friends’ activities, to share your own life story like what you have had for lunch, it is now an activity that forms a large part of most people’s lives. However, are you really aware of how often you reach out, how you interact with others and what you are trying to achieve using these online forums?

Do you know what type of personality you are? Have some fun while reading up on the different personalities, it could even be that you believe there are more personalities, that they are completely off the mark, or maybe we have hit the bulls eye! Whatever you think of the descriptions, at times reading such profiles can lead you to make changes in how you interact via social media, how often you reach for that device, or indeed what language you adopt when ‘hiding’ behind an online profile.

Most importantly, enjoy the ‘exercise’. Here’s to good mental health.

By Tina Elven

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  1. I feel like I use social media a little too much in my life — I check FB every day. But, I didn’t really identify with any of the types…the closest would either be attention seeker (I post photos of friends and family) or information giver. I think we need to add another one to the list — not sure what to call it, but something between inactive and attention seeking:)

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