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Parents, are you ready for a good night’s sleep?

As you know, I usually focus on providing tips and solutions for parents who have slightly older children i.e. from about 6 years but I believe that developing a good sleep routine early on is beneficial to both parents and babies.
Investing time in solving your child’s sleep issues right now is worth it because all acquired sleep skills will last forever, meaning that a healthy sleep habit will set your child up for life. Your child will be grateful for good sleeping abilities well into their adulthood. But most importantly, as a new parent, you will be able to get some much-needed shut eye!

Helping your child to sleep

​Sleeping should be such a natural process, but sometimes it can take a bit of practise to get it right. This is particularly true when you have a new baby who may have other ideas of when it is ‘natural to sleep’. You may even find that, all of a sudden, you have fallen into bad habits because you are so desperate to revert back to normal sleeping hours and now you realise that these habits can be really difficult to shift.

​Luckily, developing a healthy sleep routine is a skill that can be learnt, and creating a good sleep pattern is an important step in your child’s upbringing. Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial in order for you, and your child, to function at an optimal level allowing you to enjoy life’s little pleasures. When we are rested, we are able to socialise more easily, we learn and retain knowledge better and generally, we approach life in a more positive and inquisitive manner.

The Sleep Sense method, that I discuss here, covers a range of worries you may have in relation to your baby or toddler, like wanting to discover what to do when your child refuses to go to bed, maybe they are having trouble falling asleep, cry excessively or wake up several times in the night.

Are you the new zombie on the block?

​You have a new baby, and all of a sudden, sleeping has become a luxury. You are sleep deprived, you feel like a zombie which makes you anxious, irritable and everything seems like such an effort. You have even started to worry whether you will ever get a full night’s sleep.

The great news is that your child is capable of becoming a better sleeper. You simply need to discover how to crack it, by finding out how to implement new schedules, routines and ways of handling your child who is not sleeping.

Which bad sleep habits has your child developed?

​There may be all kind of reasons why your baby is not sleeping in the night, or indeed refusing to nap during the day. Like mentioned earlier, bad habits are easily manifested when we are desperate to get our children to sleep. For the sake of peace, you may have resorted to some routines that are now backfiring, and it is now clear that these have not solved the issue of your child not sleeping. I wonder if you recognise any of these patterns in your baby or toddler?
  • Your child has become reliant on a bedtime prop, and simply cannot fall asleep without it. This includes when your child wakes up during sleep, they are unable to return to sleep because their prop has vanished.
  • Your baby wakes up continuously, and will not sleep until they have been fed, even if you only fed them one hour ago!
  • Your child insists on coming into your bed, whether this is from the start of the evening or even after a night waking.
  • Your child has become ‘addicted’ to watching TV or their tablet before bedtime, or even in bed, and will not fall asleep without it.
  • Your child has resorted to using a string of excuses to avoid going to bed like ‘I need a drink’, ‘I need the toilet’, ‘one more story please’ and so on!
  • Your child continues to leave their bed after having been put to sleep, and they look for you in the house.
  • Your baby cries non-stop if you leave them alone in their bed, and will not settle until you pick them up.
​If you recognised one or two examples related to your baby or toddler, I believe that the Sleep Sense program can help you. The program provides step-by-step techniques to help you overcome a wide range of scenarios, including those listed above, and has been developed to covers all usual (and unusual) eventualities connected to sleep training in a young child.

An affordable way to claim your sleep back

You now have a solution that will match your desire to get some sleep!  The Sleep Sense method caters for all parents no matter your budget or specific demand as the program supports different parenting styles and needs. Everyone is able to benefit from this successful program since they offer 3 different packages and price levels. Simply pick the right level for your requirements and budget, and you can be on your way to cracking your child’s sleep difficulties, starting today.

Benefits of sleep training program

  • A complete and comprehensive online sleep training package
  • Covers all your sleep concerns from napping to bedtime routines, and more
  • Suitable from 3 months and up since the program is adapted to your child’s age
  • Virtual therapist provides unique treatment plan for your child
  • It establishes sleep routines using a natural approach with no medication
  • You can pick from 3 levels of support, making it affordable to most families
  • The method has been used by over 57,000 families to date
  • 12 month with ‘no hassle’ refund guarantee – no questions asked

My quick sleep training tips

Needless to say, my article is never an adequate replacement for a specialised and comprehensive sleep training program, however, I wanted to get you started with a few quick tips. Rest assured, if you decide to proceed with the sleep training program, you will have access to a huge range of methods and problem solving techniques. Here’s some food for thought:

  • It is always best to put your child into bed while they are still awake, it will teach your child to settle themselves if they wake up in the night.​
  • Avoid the trap of rocking your baby to sleep, it easily becomes a routine that they will associate with ‘falling asleep’.
  • Start a good bedtime habit, and follow it every evening. Having a calming bedtime schedule sends signals to your child that it is time for bed.
  • Help your baby distinguish between daytime and night time. Daytime feeds happen in the kitchen or living room with surrounding noise. Night time feeds take place in the nursery with either a dim light or no light, if possible.
  • If your baby is finding it difficult to fall asleep because they don’t want to ‘miss out on the fun’, let your baby focus on some white noise instead. This is easily introduced by using a white noise machine, a relevant recording or any other electronic device that will safely produce this type of white noise.

About the Sleep Sense program

The Sleep Sense program recommended in this article has been developed by Dana Obleman who is a recognised expert in the field of infant and child sleep training techniques. Dana has appeared in various publications, and speaks regularly at parenting events, as well as being on television and radio shows. Dana developed the Sleep Sense method to help parents create healthy sleep habits for young children, and to date, over 57,000 families have benefitted from her proven method. This interactive sleep training program focuses on creating healthy sleep habits in your child.
By Tina Elven
Sometimes, here at Support 4 Kids, we come across a concept that we strongly believe will benefit the parents, and young people, who visit our website. When this happens, we are excited to share our findings, however, we only recommend products and services which are in line with our ethos. This is because we want to ensure you are provided with a natural and sensible approach which will also meet our high standard of suitability. Please read our affiliation policy.

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3 Replies to “Parents, are you ready for a good night’s sleep?”

  1. We have a new baby, and this post seems to be just for my wife and I. Our son doesn’t sleep at night, so we don’t too though he naps during the day but we can’t due to our type of job. How can we become part of the Sleep Sense program? Also, which package do you think suits us right because we’re losing it?

    1. Congratulations on your new baby. Sleep is crucial for parents to allow you to function with daily tasks, and still enjoy your new bundle of joy. Find out how to get your baby into a sleep pattern by clicking the big blue button ‘Find Out More’ at the end of the article, and you can see the different options available to you and your wife. Happy dreams.

  2. LOL, I hear parents complain all the time they cannot get their kids to go to sleep at a “normal” hour. Other than the screens that are attached to their faces, there are a few other things you can do to prepare them for bed each night. I feel like you have some really good tips here. With 3 kids, older than 5, I feel that I have a pretty good routine down and I think it just takes discipline of the parents to do what is right for the kids.

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