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How to boost your relationships

The word ‘relationship’ can be refer to your love life, your professional connections, friendship circles or indeed family situations. Individuals maintain many different types of relationships with a range of different people on a daily basis.

As humans we thrive on having good social interactions, most of us like to feel included in society, events, partnerships and groups and therefore, we value meaningful relationships with our partners, families, colleagues and friends.

The challenges of forming and maintaining relationships
However, forming relationships, maintaining or indeed dissolving these carry their own challenges, with moments of joy, sadness, love, frustration, pride, anger, boredom, satisfaction and other similar strong emotions. To most people, it is clear that not all relationships are successful. In an unsuccessful liaison, you may be experiencing stress related to one particular person. To minimise the negative effect experienced from a stressful interaction, you can benefit from changing your own behaviour strategy when faced with a difficult individual.  You can discover how to diffuse your anger, rejection, guilt or other feelings that you may experience as a result. This in itself, can be a very empowering tool when you are trying to move on from a negative relationship experience.

Relationships break down for all kinds of reasons. As an example, think about a social event you attend on a regular basis. Maybe you have a relative you avoid because that particular encounter is distressing. If the relationship is strained, it is easy to get into a ‘bad’ habit when responding to a relative we dislike. Instead of resolving the tension, you allow the negative feeling to get exaggerated leaving your reaction to follow a destructive pattern which can lead to more stress and discomfort for all parties involved. In this situation, your best coping strategy would be to change your belief system and any associations you connect to such people in your life – it is, after all, near impossible to avoid all triggers that elicit this sense of ‘loss of control’.

How therapy can help you build better relationships
By using therapies from hypnosis, NLP and CBT you are able to change your way of thinking by allowing yourself to release negative thoughts and feelings and replace these with more productive and positive reactions.

You can benefit from these techniques by discovering how to acquire a new perspective on stressful and upsetting situations while also delving into tools that can assist you in unlocking your own unhelpful responses.  By being in control of your emotions towards particularly upsetting triggers, you will feel empowered, your confidence will increase and you will be more inclined to form new positive relationships. Furthermore, people will welcome your confident, relaxed and optimistic personality.

Having any kind of successful relationship requires commitment, compassion, compromise and most importantly communication. In life, all types of relationships have their ups and downs which means that people need to be tolerant and flexible. To uphold a strong and healthy relationship, it is important that you have the confidence to be who you want to be, without holding any negative responses concerning your own actions or indeed towards the behaviour of others.

Adapt the therapeutic methods and you will notice that a lot of your existing relationships will flourish, mainly because you will be able to utilise your newly found calmness when interacting with people. You, personally, will benefit from this different approach which will also encourage the people around you. They will start to match your composed manner and thereby be reassured to engage positively with you. Naturally, not all relationships can be ‘saved’ but by taking part in this therapeutic process, you will feel comfortable at accepting and recognising that a particular relationship has possibly run its course. From the process of analysing difficult situations you will learn how to move on without the usual feeling of regret and anger.

By Tina Elven

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