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Get your head in the game – sports performance

Let's look at the benefits of using NLP and hypnosis in relation to a kid’s sports performance.

Over the years, sports hypnosis and NLP techniques have been used by many high profile athletes to improve their game. Did you know that Andre Agassi has applied it to refine his tennis skills, and that Tiger Woods has used NLP techniques since he was a teenager?

By inspiring children to use tools from hypnosis and NLP they can improving their sports performance as well as re-kindling their love for the sport. It is very much about increasing a child’s general confidence as well as enhancing their confidence related to their chosen sport.

When you play sports it is, of course, important to have a high level of physical fitness. However, it is equally important to have a healthy mental attitude which means that you embrace the power of your mental ability which in turn will have a positive effect on the sports performance.

From using these easy, goal oriented techniques a child is able to fine tune their thought process, addressing any limiting beliefs they may be holding about their abilities. This will make the young sports person more confident as they realise they have the ability to control their state of mind while partaking in a sports activity.

Sports hypnosis and NLP can help the young sports person to focus and to be ‘in the zone’ when required. This allows them to be free from outside distractions and internal negative thinking such as fears of failure and other nervous thoughts. Sports hypnosis and NLP can be used both individually and in team sports.

When working with young sports people it is important not to have unrealistic expectations. You cannot turn someone into a super athlete if the fundamental skills are not there. When you use sports hypnosis and NLP, it is about embracing the experience, becoming engaged in the sport and performing consistently at the best level. It is about freeing the young person from any negative thinking which may interfere with their true potential. ​

By Tina Elven

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