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Tips on how to get your first job | Blog | Support 4 Kids

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your First Job

Having spent all those years studying, you are finally ready for that first crucial job. No doubt about it, it can be very daunting to enter the ‘real’ world, a world where you have to secure a job and become part of a working community.

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No more wet beds | bedwetting Tips | Support 4 Kids

Had Enough of Wet Beds?

​Have you and your child had enough of wet beds in the mornings, and have you tried everything? If you and your child are fed up with wet beds, you may be looking at options on how to achieve dry beds. As part of this process, you may wish to understand some of the basic facts around bedwetting in order to make a fully informed decision on which step to take next. ​

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Sibling Rivalry | Parenting Tips on handling sibling fights | Support 4 Kids Ltd

Cracking the Sibling Rivalry Code

Constant bickering between siblings can cause most parents to lose their ‘love of parenting’. It sure isn’t fun when your kids are at war with each other most of the time. When emotions run high, it can be difficult to appreciate that squabbling is part of childhood development but full-blown sibling rivalry is not inevitable.

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Signs of fear and phobias in children | Support 4 Kids Ltd
Condition Specific

Fear The Unknown or Risk Being Eaten

Do you fear your child will be gobbled up? Over millions of years, living beings have evolved and part of this evolution included our instinct to survive. Back in the mists of time, when there were lots of dangers waiting to claim those who were unprepared, survival instincts were likely needed on a regular basis.

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