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An uncertain future – A special needs interview

Our special needs interview is with a dad who has two children with additional needs. For the purpose of this interview, he has elected to focus his replies and relate them to his 17 years old daughter. She is entering the phase of adulthood which brings about its own set of worries for a parent who is bringing up a child with special needs.

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Fear of labelling your child, Support 4 Kids Ltd
Guest Blog

The Fear Of Labelling Your Child

Early on, we knew that our son was behaving differently than other children, which we started noticing when he was about a year old. We fought to get him referred to a health professional, with the help of his preschool after several incidents. However, when attending appointments, we were told that there was nothing wrong and were asked to go home.

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Book Review, Boy Made of Blocks, Support 4 Kids

An Autistic Journey

Here you are, feeling freaked out and unsure of where to go next. Your child has been diagnosed as having autistic traits, and though you may have had your suspicions, it can still be a ‘tough pill’ to swallow.

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Sleep Problems in Children | Blue Light Issues | Support 4 Kids Ltd

Special Needs – Our Personal Sleep Discovery

My son has never slept (he is now 14) and he was recently referred to a sleep centre. Over the years, we have tried everything to help getting him to sleep. He has been diagnosed with ADHD, ASD and is very sensory which all contribute to his sleep problems.

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