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Thank you so much for taking action and signing up for my Anxiety Zapper Masterclass. I am so pleased that you are on your way to discovering the 5 steps to help your child build confidence, power and gain control of their anxiety.

You will receive a few emails from me in the next 30 minutes or possibly even quicker. Please check your inbox to access your masterclass, remember to look at your spam folder just in case my email lands in there! You may want to whitelist my address to ensure no delays:


Whizzy Mind Vidz

We have developed a range of effective videos that support young people by using the power of visualisation and positive affirmations. Boost your child's positive thinking with these Anxiety Whizzy Vidz. These videos and tools have been designed to be used directly by your child, there are even extra features in the Whizzy Hub for further helpful reinforcement.

Get immediate access to these Whizzy Vidz in the same place as your Anxiety Zapper Masterclass, simply click on the button below and it will be added to your platform.


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