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Your Child's Emotional Well-Being

First, let me reach out and say welcome to the Support 4 Kids website. I am guessing you have landed here because you are concerned about your child’s emotional welfare for one reason or another. 

I have the solution to help you tackle the worries you have as a parent. My Boost Young Minds course is the perfect choice if you wish to support your child in handling emotional challenges. My specialised course allows you to discover a wide range of powerful techniques and self-help activities. These tools will equip your child for life, allowing your child to gain control over their emotional worries, reach their goals and start living life to the fullest extent.

Make a positive change today, in the comfort of your own home. 

Boost Young Minds | Empowering Parents | Support 4 Kids


You can access your course from anywhere in the world and at any point during the day.

Boost Young Minds | Empowering Parents | Support 4 Kids


You do not require any technical skills to benefit from my specialised online courses.

Boost Young Minds | Empowering Parents | Support 4 Kids


You will be guided through a wide range of engaging activities to encourage positive changes.

Boost Young Minds | Empowering Parents | Support 4 Kids


What a difference! My courses have been developed with both parents and children in mind.

Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Routines equal less stress for children as they know what is expected of them.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Children thrive on attention, stop and listen to what is going on in your child's life.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Practise positive self-talk, it improves your self-esteem and mind set.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Problem solving puts you back in control, which is a crucial life skill.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'When you are kind to yourself, you have space to be kind to others.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Have an effective range of coping tools, and you feel empowered.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'Children benefit from learning how to handle emotional outbursts.'
Tina Elven, Mind Coach
'When confident, you accept responsibility for your own life and behaviour.'
Boost Young Minds | Empowering Parents | Support 4 Kids

Support At The Click Of A Button!

As we go through life we develop many different patterns of thinking and behaviour, but sometimes these patterns end up being negative and detrimental to our well-being. If you are finding that your child is in a situation where life has become difficult, and you would welcome some constructive support, you have found the right place.

By using one of our Boost Young Minds courses, as a parent, you can gain the confidence to help your child break the cycle of negative behaviour, control their unhelpful thinking patterns as well as calming their mind and body. Going through this process will benefit both you and your child in more ways than one. Together you will discover new depths of resilience as well as the ability to deal with life’s daily emotional challenges.

Tina Elven | Children's Book Author | Flea & Pea

Children's Book by Tina Elven

Follow the adventures of Ghee the Flea as he meets an unlikely companion in this charming little story about friendship. Read how Ghee meets Pea and introduces him to all of his other friends in the garden – including Buster the dog who is not only Ghee’s home but his main means of transport!

The book is illustrated in a simple style that children will find immediately appealing and it is populated with characters that are both engaging to look at and fun to read about.

This is a great book for parents to read at bedtime or for young readers to attempt themselves. Also, the book comes with two fab downloadable bonuses.

If you, or your child, is in an urgent crisis situation, please contact your GP immediately for direct emergency treatment.

Empowering Parents to Boost Young Minds

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